June 1971 Founded as Toyo Giant Tire, a subsidiary of Toyo Rubber & Tire Co
(Toyo 60%/Mitsubishi 40%)
October 1972 First tire out of the manufacturing plant --->27.00-49 (Bias)
June 1980 First production of 40.00-57(Bias) tires
January 1985 Joint venture agreement with Goodyear (Goodyear 50%/Toyo 30%/Mitsubishi 20%). Part of the agreement was to introduce Goodyear radial technology into production
October 1985 Renamed Nippon Giant Tire
November 1986 New radial tire building/curing facilities completed
February 1987 Started radial tire production --->36.00R51
February 1994 ISO9001 approved (first among tire manufacturers)
October 1998 Goodyear acquires an additional 15% of the business to bring up its ownership to 65% (Toyo 30%/Mitsubishi 5%)
January 2002 ISO14001 approved
March 2008 All time record high production month (crude rubber tonnage and sales)
June 2012 Goodyear acquires 100% ownership of Nippon Giant Tire