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When Tough Tires Meet Rough Conditions, NGT Help You Get There

NGT produced Goodyear Off-The-Road tires help mining operations get there. And getting there means so much more than extracting minerals from the Earth and making the delivery.

The road is usually rough and tough on operations. Bad weather, challenging conditions, and rising operational costs are the realities; Goodyear product performance, supply reliability, and training support help mining operations meet those realities with quality, hardworking tires.

Goodyear Tires for Rigid Haulage Vehicles

Rigid haulage truck tires face some tough challenges in mining, quarry and construction work.

Goodyear radial tires for rigid haulage vehicles feature strong, reinforced sidewalls to help resist cuts and snags; tread material to help provide optimum wear in a variety of operating conditions; and steel-belted construction to promote low rolling resistance, which is important for fuel economy and good retreadability.

Goodyear Tires for Wheel Loader Vehicles

Wheel loader tires face some tough worksites that can be mud, sand, or rocky terrain.

Goodyear wheel loader bias tires feature reinforced construction, enhancing performance and providing an excellent return on investment through improved overall treadwear, a lower cost-per-hour, and potential for retreading. Better casings and industry-leading materials help deliver enhanced wear resistance, stability and ride.

These are tires built for heavy payloads, helping provide stability in handling greater throughput and tonnage. Reinforced sidewalls help resist punctures and damage to help allow for better operator productivity.

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