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Introduction of Q-tech (Quality and Technical Service) Department

Our untiring spirit of inquiry and professional pride produce some of the world's highest quality tires.

The work of the Q-tech Department decides the quality of tires. As per the instructions sent by Goodyear's headquarters in the USA, we produce large tires for construction vehicles that meet the required specifications. Our tires are used on dump trucks and large forklifts operating under severe conditions such as mines and harbors. Therefore our tires are engineered to run trouble free even for extreme applications where durability and safety are critical. After gaining approval for production from the headquarters, tires are manufactured in our state-of-the-art facilities. Complete tires are supplied to customers and used at numerous industrial sites around the world.

The Engineering Department is composed of highly competent and experienced engineers; everyone working in the Department - from those who check the properties of materials and the people who design the structure of a tire, to those who check the process quality - has an earnest serious look in their eyes when standing in front of a lump of rubber. We determine the quantity of chemicals to mix with the rubber to increase the strength of the tire, and the thickness of rubber layers on each part of the carcass. We also ensure that the tire complies with all of the more than 100 items on the quality checklist. Various types of data, such as running records and wear and damage conditions, are collected from users all over the world. We analyze this data to further improve the quality of our tires.

We are working on improving quality and production processes through repeated trial and error. Whenever a quality problem arises - no matter how small, we keep working tenaciously until it is solved. We never supply tires that do not meet our quality standards. The Engineering Department's mission is to produce the world's highest quality products. Our department is a place where only those who can devote all their energy and passion to tires gather. Our untiring spirit of inquiry and professional pride produce some of the world's highest quality tires.

Tadashi Honma

Manager, Quality and Technical Service Department
In service since 1993

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The tires we produce are some of the best in the world.

We use machines, but considerable handwork is involved in making large tires. Therefore, the workers' sensibility and skills greatly influence the quality of finished products. The largest tire we produce is 3.6 meters in outer diameter, with a weight of 4.7 tons. The quality of each component is of course important, but it is not enough by itself. Even a small amount of displacement occurring during the process of gluing multiple rubber layers together can affect the quality of the complete tire. Tire building is work that demands high skill and accuracy. Tires produced by NGT's skilled workers with delicate and deft hands boast outstanding durability and safety. This is the very reason why Goodyear tires are highly valued around the world.

Goodyear has field engineers deployed around the world to conduct usage surveys. Each time I hear from them that customers are satisfied with our products, I feel very happy. I also feel very proud that our products are used and appreciated all over the world, and that I play a part in protecting and enhancing the reputation of the world-famous Goodyear brand. Our team members are always striving to be better without being satisfied with the status quo. My section alone submits nearly 1,000 kaizen proposals a year. We continue exploring ways to improve product quality and increase work efficiency. Our improvement activities never end. To further improve quality, we are working in close communication with other departments including the Design Quality Department and Equipment Department. Good teamwork is one of our company's strengths.

We are a foreign-owned company, but at the core of our ethos is a strong commitment and passion for monozukuri as a Japanese manufacturing plant. I think that we can make internationally recognized high-quality products because we have the strengths of both a Japanese and a foreign-owned company.

Kiyoshi Inoue

Manager, Tire Building Section, Production Department
In service since 1978

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The Tatsuno plant plays a key role in the global Goodyear Group.

I worked for Nippon Giant Tire (NGT) for five years from 2005, and am now working for Goodyear Australia. My work involves planning production systems strategically, based on demand forecasts for tires sold overseas. I act as an intermediary between sales (Australia) and production (NGT) to optimize the two operations. To achieve Goodyear's global business mission and goals, our team makes decisions on various important business matters, such as identifying production lines to be expanded for more production capacity, determine new equipment to be introduced, and adjust accounting system to meet changing management requirements. We are also responsible for allocating budgets effectively and implementing strategies at appropriate timing and places.

For the past few years, demand for OTR (Off the Road) tires has been rapidly increasing, driven largely by the strong growth of the Chinese economy. Accordingly, NGT's presence within the Goodyear Group is growing day by day. Without the efficiency at NGT, a stable supply of OTR tires to global markets will never happen. Needless to say, NGT is one of the most important plants that support Goodyear's global OTR business. I was selected for my current position as I had finance background and English communication skills gained through living overseas. When I was asked to work for Goodyear Australia, I felt it would be a great chance for me. The position that was offered seemed very challenging and interesting, as it handles larger budgets and covers a large geographical area encompassing the whole of Asia Pacific. I thought I would be able to develop my professional skills and career by working in a larger arena.

Goodyear's policy is to put the right person in the right position; they select talented employees regardless of their nationality and place them in the right positions to fully utilize their talents within the Group. Considering that the headquarters selected me, someone working at NGT, from among so many employees in the Group, I want to live up to their expectations and contribute to the Group's growing global success.

Shigehiro Nishida

Strategic Planning and Analysis Manager
Goodyear Australia
In service since 2005

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I wish to play a part in evolving our company by combining new ideas with my prior knowledge.

In my previous jobs I was involved in international human resources management for a total of eight years: six years at a company in the USA and two years at a foreign-owned company in Japan. I encountered Nippon Giant Tire (NGT) when I was looking for a more challenging position where my English language and international human resources management skills would be better utilized.

NGT will expand its business at an accelerated pace in the future. To respond to the rapidly growing demand for tires for construction vehicles around the world, the company needs to expand production capacity and strengthen its organization.

Goodyear expects us to recruit and develop individuals who can think about things from a global perspective. It is expected that the number of visitors to our company from overseas will increase dramatically. We seek highly motivated individuals willing to take on challenges in a challenging environment. Our company is moving fast toward globalization, which cannot be avoided; but it still retains the virtues of traditional Japanese manufacturers that have been sincerely committed to monozukuri for a long period of time.

I will work hard to create a working environment where employees feel comfortable, by combining new ideas and learning with the knowledge that I have accumulated so far. I am already excited to see how the employees I have recruited will grow in the next few years. I really look forward to seeing them playing an active role in the company.

Mari Asano

In charge of employee recruitment, General Affairs Section
In service since 2011

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